Educational services and Guided Tours

The Archival Superintendency of Sicily – State Archives of Palermo is active in the promotion of knowledge – making it more accessible – and citizenship rights education, thus preserving and enhancing the archival cultural heritage of the Sicilian territory. 
The Institute training offer is part of the broader activity network dedicated to cultural heritage education, designed by the Educational services of the institutes of the Ministry of Culture (you can find them on the institutional website ). The Institute has also started a synergistic project, in collaboration with institutional and non-institutional entities, to embrace the educational needs of the Municipality of Palermo. 
The educational services are offered by the Archive to citizens and students of all grades. The proposed activities are mainly based on the discovery of the vast documentary heritage preserved in the State Archives, which covers the period of time between the 12th and the 20th century. 

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Dr. Francesca Di Pasquale 
Head of Teaching and Educational Services

Dr. Floriana Giallombardo 
Head of Teaching and Educational Services

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